Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Help Tim Burton write a story!

Tim Burton, darkly creative film writer/director/producer known for films such as The nightmare before Christmas and the version of Charlie and the chocolate factory that starred Johnny Depp, is writing a short story between November 22nd and December 6th using Tweets submitted by Twitter members. This type of story creation is called Exquisite Corpse, or Cadavre Exquis, and is written line by line: one contributor writes a sentence, then passes it on to another writer who adds another sentence, and so on.

Burton's Cadavre Exquis begins as follows: "Stainboy, using his obvious expertise, was called in to investigate mysterious glowing goo on the gallery floor." As of this morning, there are 19 sentences contributed by members of the Twitter community, and there is still over a week to join in. Have a go!

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