Friday, April 15, 2011

Student request

A student suggestion box for PRHS has found a home in the library, and one of the suggestions was for me:
Different variety of books! More historical/thrillers/adult.

This was a fun one to do, especially as I just received a donation from the Student Council. It is also apt since we don't have many adult books or thrillers, although we have a fair amount of historical novels (which I need to promote more, it seems!). So here is an abridged list of books at the library - some new to the library with more still to come - that fit this request.

Historical Fiction

(You can view a nearly complete list of historical fiction at the library, as well as lists of World War 1 and World War 2 fiction on GoodReads.)

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. Arthur trilogy.

Gardner, Sally. The red necklace.

Hooper, Mary. Newes from the dead.

Jefferson, Joanne K. Lightning and blackberries.

Roberts, Judson. The strongbow saga.

Smith, Sherri. Flygirl.

Speare, Elizabeth George. The witch of Blackbird Pond.

Sutcliff, Rosemary. The Eagle of the Ninth.

Adult Fiction (full list)

Bradley, Alan. The sweetness at the bottom of the pie.

Brightwell, Geri. The dark lantern. (This book is actually an adult historical thriller!)

Ford, Jeffery. The shadow year.

Hill, Lawrence. The book of Negroes.

Mankell, Henning. Chronicler of the winds.

O'Flynn, Catherine. What was lost.

Thrillers (full list)

Abrahams, Peter. Reality check.

Bowler, Tim. Frozen fire.

Duncan, Lois. Killing Mr. Griffin.

Hamilton, Steve. The lock artist.

McNamee, Graham. Bonechiller.

Ness, Patrick. The knife of never letting go.

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